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    Canteen Management
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    Canteen management system helps in tracking the food supplied to the employees/ visitors in an organisation. Canteen management can work based on turnstile gate setup or biometric setup. The canteen device would allow users only during the specific canteen timings. The number of breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner would be calculated based on the punch timings or based on the token printout. Visitors would be given card to access the gate or the biometric to ensure the visitors food is taken into account for reporting. Finally a report would be generated for the payroll deduction based on the rates for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. Or can be directly integrated to Wallet HR thereby removing manual input. MIS reports can be generated from the canteen management system.
    Help Desk
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    Since Wallet HR is loaded with many modules and the stake holder of various modules could be different, help desk enables the employees in the organisation to seek for help with the desired department for any clarification in the usage of the modules. Help desk keeps track of all queries and the time taken to resolve the same. Help desk team’s performance can be evaluated at any time through the powerful MIS provided in the system
    Learning & Development
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    This tool enables an employee to learn the allotted content through the PDF, PPT or any video file. Dynamic question templates with various degree of complexity and time limit can be set by the L&D team for different groups of employees. Different courses, practice test paper and certification test can be assigned for employees while making some of the courses and tests as mandatory. Completion time for the courses can also be set. Employee can take the test after learning any desired topic and get to know his scores instantly and can download the course completion certificate. The application also has the option to record the video of the employee while taking certification test which will be stored in the repository for the team to view the recorded content at leisure to ensure the tests are indeed taken by the employee. Various MIS can be generated based on the data captured.