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    Payroll on cloud » Wallet HR – comprehensive payroll software in India is on cloud now. No high investments on the hardware. No more installations and upgrades. Just log in and start working on the application. The data is well secured with complete encryption on the cloud. You just need the internet to log on. Crystal would setup one-time configuration co-ordinating with the end-users and upload the data. End-users will be provided training on the Wallet HR – best payroll software in India -- to effectively use the payroll software. Wallet HR – Payroll software on cloud – can be configured to any type of industry verticals irrespective of any size or complications. User friendly screens would enable the user to use the application at ease. Productivity of the people employed to work on the payroll software would be greatly enhanced. End-users will have an excellent functionality unseen in the current brand of products across India. Wallet HR – The payroll software – stands out on performance. Payroll will be processed on the fly for thousands of employees. A feature which is almost impossible in any other similar solution on the web. Reports of any kind and on any parameters that are defined in the payroll software can be generated and exported to excel in a fraction of seconds. Seeing is believing. With the right data on hand in excel, entire payroll process can be completed within 4 hours – Guaranteed. Employee Portal An employee through the web portal can access his personal information and the financial information such as pay slip, tax worksheet and can submit investment declaration online. An employee can also request leave and take the approval from the manager online. Approval/rejection notification would be mailed to an employee to his mail id.