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    Crystal HR & Security Solutions is engaged in undertaking outsourced projects in Windows 2008 server, Visual Studio 2010, asp.net, c#, MS Sql Server 2008, WCF, WPF and Silverlight under webforms and winforms. Crystal has experienced resources in the above mentioned technologies where we would be able to deliver the projects based on the client’s requirements. Crystal would also be interested to do re-engineering of the current outdated solution and help the customer to successfully migrate to the latest technology. The consultants of Crystal would do a detailed system study and gather all the business logic associated with the application and suggest the road map to move to the newer technology platform. Crystal with its vast experience in software development is well equipped to provide cost-effective reliable technology for corporate software solution requirements. We specialise in re-engineering any of your technology obsolete business application to the latest web based technology using .net and mobile. We undertake a end-to-end turnkey projects from specification definition to project delivery. Crystal would be able to predict the reliable timelines for the project delivery. Crystal has the necessary resources starting from business analyst, developers, QA and tech support. Crystal would take up the maintenance after the project delivery. Crystal – Chennai, India, with its expertise would be able to develop any customised software based on the user specifications. To a large extent we would be able to project clear time frame and value for any software development activity. Today the most difficult task for the SMEs or corporate is to identify the right-sized vendor for their software development needs. Either the top 10 is not approachable for the tag of sheer cost or the small ones cannot be trusted for the knowledge and delivery. Crystal - Chennai, India, fits in the middle where we are neither big nor small. Our pricing is neither very expensive nor very low in value. Crystal choice would be value for money. Crystal has its office in Chennai, India as its off shore development center.